Body Care

Full Body Care

Our full body aesthetic massage helps to improve blood circulation, reduce cellulite, wrinkles and also stimulates the body’s lymphatic system, which in turn help remove toxins from the tissues. By providing optimal stimulation, stretching and pressure to the sub-dermal layer, (a process which cannot be done through a traditional massage) the body regains balance while relieving muscle tension. Results include the shaping and contouring of the body, decreased volume of body fat, and smoother, tighter skin that glows.

Upper Body Care

Our upper body aesthetic massage helps in eliminating shoulder pains caused by working pressure, stress, stiff neck during sleep, and removes pain resulting from poor blood circulation and diet. Our upper body care provides therapeutic treatments for the neck, shoulders and back and is a soothing massage that increases circulation, reduces stress and improves muscle relaxation.

Lower Body Care

Our lower body care helps in treating common foot and lower body conditions and is a therapeutic choice for those in search of pain management associated with poor leg circulation problems, feet swelling, burning feet, knots detected in the body and long hours of sitting at the job. Stimulation in the muscles of the lower body can ease muscle tension and promote relaxation. Our lower body toning and cellulite therapy can assist with draining trapped toxins in parts of our body to firm and lift flabby skin.

Back Care

Back care massage focuses on your neck, back and shoulders to release tension and soothe muscles while helping to reduce stress. It increases circulation, relaxes muscle tension, may be useful in regenerating tissue and help move blocked energy. Our back massage treatments are great to do every day in order to relax, de-stress, and stimulate your circulatory and lymphatic systems.

Abdominal Care

Abdominal care therapy works on the entire abdominal area releasing deep muscle tissue toxins, and energizing the working condition of all the organs in this area. Abdominal care can help reduce water retention, fat, and facilitates the normal flow of lymph, blood, nerves and Qi throughout the body. This non-invasive massage treatment on the abdomen works to soften musculature, enhance circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids, and secretion of hormones.

Post-operative care

Post-operative care can be considered just as important as the procedure itself in the road to a fast recovery after plastic surgery. In order to maximize your comfort and safety, YB2 offers a series of aromatherapy infused treatments to help alleviate the pain and reduce swelling, bruising and any trauma cased by the surgical procedure so that you may enjoy your enhanced appearance that much sooner.